2023 video marketing trends to be aware of.

2023 video marketing trends to be aware of

With technological improvements, everything has changed. The firms have improved their marketing tactics, moving from black and white to 360-degree advertisements.

The day when conventional marketing techniques were effective is long gone. Both the level of competition and customer demands have increased.

The most effective marketing tactic is still video marketing. However, you must keep up with current trends if you want to stay one step ahead of your rivals.

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Produce briefer videos

Around the world, 116 million people use Likee and one billion people use TikTok. The typical length of a TikTok video is between 21 and 34 seconds. Short videos have also been added to Facebook and YouTube. People adore these applications for quick videos for a reason.

You can save time and efficiently absorb the content by watching brief films. Watching your favorite videos doesn't require you to take time out of your hectic routine. You may watch these little movies while you're walking, cooking, or even working out.

Create engaging videos

These are the videos that let viewers carry out the decisive action directly on the screen. It could be a survey, a buy now button, or an email capture form.

Interactive videos reportedly offer an 11% higher conversion rate than conventional ones. The reason for this is that the user is no longer need to look for links above or below the video.

Make the switch to interactive content if you want to improve your video marketing strategy. Make yourself accessible to people. These features already exist on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. You can benefit and increase your revenue dramatically.

Use audio-only movies

In the 1920s, silent movies were extremely popular. 92% of consumers enjoy to view videos in the silent mode, according to Verizon Media. Time and fashion have changed. However, there are still many reasons why people enjoy silent films.

Without headphones, you can watch these videos while moving around or in public. When it comes to privacy, silent videos are also fantastic. You may be able to avoid uncomfortable situations thanks to these films.

brand-story videos to share

Brand story videos are a fantastic way to stand out and reveal the human side of your company. People are interested in how you operate, what makes your business unique, and how you successfully resolve issues.

Explain who you are, when your company was founded, where you are located, what you offer, and how it benefits customers when you make brand story films. You can also talk about your principles and how you guard the privacy of your clients.

A good brand story typically lasts between 60 and 2 minutes. Professional production companies advise that a brand story video should be no longer than 90 seconds in order to be engaging, memorable, and shareable.

Use 360-degree videos

We can now record 360-degree recordings, commonly referred to as immersive videos, thanks to technological breakthroughs. Every angle of a location or item can be simply captured. The audience can thus view the product from many perspectives.

A phone can simply be equipped with VR accessories to improve the experience. Real estate companies' 360-degree videos showcasing property are a wonderful example of a VR video. Viewers may be more likely to buy or rent because they can browse properties without really being there.

According to a study by marketing dive, 360-degree videos can raise purchasing intent by 7%. Use this newest marketing trend to your advantage if you want to raise conversion rates and increase sales.


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