5 Successful Ad Campaigns for inspiration.

5 effective examples of video marketing advertisements

Today's adults watch videos for five hours per day. It's among the most effective forms for disseminating information and engaging viewers with your business.

If you haven't developed a video ad campaign for your company, you're passing up a huge chance to engage customers, increase brand recognition, and boost sales. So how can you develop profitable advertising strategies that let you enjoy all of those advantages? We'll provide you six examples of video ad campaigns on this page to get you thinking.

5 video ad campaigns for inspiration

To help you create compelling marketing videos, it’s good to look at successful video ad campaigns for inspiration. Here are six examples of video ad campaigns that work:

1. Internet Explorer

The first video commercial we've included is for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The target market for Internet Explorer's video campaign was people who were born and raised online.

Why did this work?

The success of this Internet Explorer video advertisement can be attributed to the company's understanding of its target market. Those who were young in the 1990s used Internet Explorer as their primary browser.

However, as browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome gained popularity on the market, the well-liked one gradually started to disappear. The firm decided to use a nostalgic tack in order to demonstrate how consumers have grown up similarly to how their initial users did in order to rekindle their commitment to Internet Explorer.

2. Always

Always is the next successful video ad campaign on our list. Always developed the "Like a Girl" initiative, which aimed to empower girls to be their best selves. In this particular video advertisement, Always emphasized what it means to act "like a female."

Why this video ad campaign is effective:

This video ad campaign is effective because it addresses stereotypical perceptions about women, a topic that is pertinent to their female audience, and it uses the knowledge gained to give the customer power.

They utilized this subject as an opportunity to analyze how society views girls and how women view themselves. Because it encourages women to view acting "like a girl" as a positive trait rather than a flaw, it serves as an inspirational video commercial.

3. Dove

Even though Dove has had a number of effective video ad campaigns, its "Real Beauty" campaign tops them all. The goal of this campaign is to educate women about the differences between how they view themselves and how other people do.

Why does it work?

This film is one of the top YouTube video advertisements because it appeals to emotion, which is why the ad campaign is effective.

Like always, Dove decided to examine how women see themselves in their research. They made the decision to empower women by demonstrating to them their true beauty.

4. Burger King

The next YouTube video ad on our list of examples is for Burger King. Running YouTube advertisements is approached creatively in this brief, 14-second ad.

Why this video ad campaign succeeds:

Burger King tried to make their viewers enjoy the commercial experience by using humor in their ad content. By making a jest about having an advertisement before disclosing their exclusive offer, they kept their advertisement straightforward as well.

5. Dollar Shave Club

Our collection of effective marketing videos concludes with a commercial for Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club emphasizes in this video commercial how everyone will want to use their razors because they are so fantastic.

Why this video ad campaign succeeds?

Dollar Shave Club has a reputation for using video marketing to great effect, and this advertisement is no exception. What then accounts for its success? First off, Dollar Shave Club lives up to its reputation.

They produce advertisements that reflect the eccentric nature of their brand. Second, the viewers may relate to this advertisement. Whether they are married or just starting out on a relationship, many people share things with their special someone.

This advertisement targets those shared items that some people might not want to share!


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